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TUESDAY, JULY 31, 1962


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Stan Kenton was an exclusive Capitol Records recording artist in the early 1950s and persuaded his superiors that a series under his imprint would be a prudent expansion of Capitol’s jazz line.  The first albums were released as ten inch LPs, and the series later migrated to the twelve inch format as it became the standard.  Many of the artists featured under the “Kenton Presents Jazz” banner were former members of the Stan Kenton Orchestra.  Frank Rosolino was one of those featured artists.

A few years later Rosolino recorded for Bethlehem Records during their foray into recording artists working on the west coast.  He also recorded an album as leader for Mode Records when that label was launched in 1957.  Another album was recorded for David Axelrod’s Specialty Records, but unreleased at the time.  When Rosolino was tapped for the Jazz Scene USA segment he was a member of the orchestra working the Steve Allen Show under Donn Trenner’s leadership.  The other members of Rosolino’s quartet on the show were: Mike Melvoin, piano; Bob Bertaux, bass and Nick Martinis, drums.  Rosolino had recently recorded another album as leader for Reprise Records, TURN ME LOOSE. that Oscar Brown, Jr. featured on camera.

Frank Rosolino - Please Don’t Bug Me

The Frank Rosolino show was one of the programs selected for release on VHS by Shanachie in 1994.  It would also see release on DVD a few years later.

Jimmie Baker’s production team at CBS studios used the “Playhouse 90” crew.  At the time the various professionals at CBS who regularly worked one of the continuing network programs in the CBS line up adopted a crew moniker as the same group of TV professionals would always work that particular series or program.  

The production team would tape three programs during each scheduled daily session.  Steve Allen assumed the executive production credit when Phil Turetsky exited the team.

Production credits:
Host: Oscar Brown, Jr.
Executive Producer: Steve Allen
Producer: Jimmie Baker
Director: Steve Binder
Associate Producer: Vince Cilurzo
Associate Director: George Turpin
Technical Director: Jim Brady
Lighting Director: Leard Davis
Audio: Larry Eaton
Art Director: Robert Tyler Lee
Production Assistant: Penny Stewart
Jazz Consultant: John Tynan
Title Films: Grant Velie
Cameras: Bob Dunn, Ed Chaney, Gorman Erickson, Pat Kenny

The photos that greatly enhance this presentation have been provided courtesy of CTSIMAGES.  The author would like to extend a most heartfelt thanks to Cynthia Sesso, Licensing Administrator of the Howard Lucraft Collection.  Please note that these photos remain the property of the Howard Lucraft Collection and are used here with permission.  Any inquiries regarding their use, commercial or otherwise, should be directed to:  Cynthia Sesso at CTSIMAGES.

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