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Monday, November 12, 2012



I am in the process of moving my work on this platform to a new home that unites all of my jazz research under one roof. Thank you for looking at my work here at google blogger. I think you will find the new home more user friendly with links and tags to all of my research. This link will take you to this research at the new site where I have updated the links to Jazz Scene USA segments on YouTube.



Commentary © James A. Harrod, Copyright Protected; All Rights Reserved

Southern California had always supported jazz clubs featuring jazz that was not in the modern vein whether you called it New Orleans, Traditional, Dixieland or Chicago style.  Les Koenig’s GOOD TIME JAZZ label thrived on that segment of the jazz population that supported this kind of jazz.  Teddy Buckner had a long run at the 400 Club, Ted Riley and The Saints similarly were installed at the Hermosa Inn for a long gig, Jack Teagarden could usually be found playing at the Royal Room and when Kid Ory was in town he would be playing to good crowds at the Beverly Cavern.

Gene Norman and Frank Bull staged Dixieland Jubilee concerts in Los Angeles, a traditional jazz concert that would bring in groups from New Orleans as well as area groups like Teddy Buckner’s All-Stars and the Firehouse Five Plus Two. Gene Norman also booked Teddy Buckner at his nightclub on Sunset Boulevard, The Crescendo.  Teddy Buckner’s group in this segment of Jazz Scene U.S.A. included Teddy Buckner (cornet, trumpet and flugelhorn); William Woodman (trombone); Caughey Roberts (clarinet, soprano saxophone); Chester Lane (piano); Art Edwards (bass) and Jesse Sailes (drums).

Production credits:

Host: Oscar Brown, Jr.
Executive Producer: Steve Allen
Producer: Jimmie Baker
Director: Steve Binder
Associate Producer: Vince Cilurzo
Associate Director: George Turpin
Technical Director: Jim Brady
Lighting Director: Leard Davis
Audio: Larry Eaton
Art Director: Robert Tyler Lee
Production Assistant: Penny Stewart
Jazz Consultant: John Tynan
Title Films: Grant Velie
Cameras: Bob Dunn, Ed Chaney, Gorman Erickson, Pat Kenny

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